Repairs and maintenance:

It is just as important to have a well-maintained roof as a house.  If fact, any leaks or damage to the roof can lead to extensive damage to the house, costing a lot more money, time and stress in the long run.  Wellington Roof Painting can provide you with any type of roof repair work needed to make your roof wind proof, watertight and secure from the elements, adding value to your biggest investment and peace of mind.  Our services include:  

  • Roof cleaning, including the gutters and removing moss and lichen.

  • Repairing or removing chimneys and aerials.

  • Replacing old valley flashings.

  • Repair, replace and painting ridge caps.

  • Cleaning gutters and downpipes when we paint the roof.


We paint concrete tile, decramastic, corrugated iron, long run and Coloursteel roofs.  The process is as follows:  

  • Any repairs needed are undertaken. 

  • Rusty nails are replaced with RoofTek screws as required.

  • Rust is treated with RustKill.  

  • The roof will be soft washed to remove any dirt, lichen, or moss, including cleaning the gutters.

  •  A primer or sealer coat is applied if required.

  •  Once dry, two top coats of Wattyl Solagard Roof Paint are applied to the whole roof.


We can also insulate your roof space at the same time, saving you time organising separate quotes, stress, and money saved in winter keeping your house drier and warmer.

A quote for insulation for an existing roof space can also be arranged free of charge.

Very pleased with Wellington Roof Painting team, not only did we get a reasonable price for excellent work, tidy but they gave good advice and kept me well informed throughout the whole process. I am so happy with them I have just recommended them to my workmate. Keep up the good work!

Amy, Porirua.

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